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North Jersey Muthamizh Sangam (NJMTS) is a nonprofit organization. NJMTS is dedicated to promoting the Tamil language and preserving the rich heritage and traditions of Tamil culture for current and future generations.

Our mission at NJMTS is to foster a healthy and vibrant Tamil community, connecting individuals in and around Parsippany. To achieve this, we are organizing various events aimed at promoting healthy habits and cultural enrichment. These events include walking clubs, book clubs, running clubs, and cultural gatherings. We also plan to actively support community events in the North Jersey area.

Currently, we do not charge membership fees for our community members. However, we may charge nominal fees for certain events to cover expenses. We kindly request your generous donations to support our community initiatives.

We are actively seeking volunteers who are passionate about supporting our community events. Your participation can make a significant difference in the success of our activities.

Additionally, we are open to sponsorship opportunities. If you know of any potential sponsors, please connect them with us.

For those interested in leadership roles, we invite you to join our General Council. If there is a considerable interest, we will hold elections to select leaders for the current year.

Let’s come together to build a strong and thriving Tamil community in North Jersey. Your involvement and support are invaluable in achieving our goals.



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